Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy GF Anniversary to Me!

It has been two years since I went gluten free for medical reasons. The first year was definitely a learning experience and was most difficult around the holidays. (My family has many traditions of baking during the holidays...cookies, cakes, pies...) I also have been very bad at keeping up with my blog, but as time goes on I hope to do a bit better at updating it with more GF recipes, places to eat and any other gluten free goodies I find. You see, my life has been crazy so far this year since I have been planning a wedding as well. My gluten free intolerance has to be taken into account for my upcoming nuptials as well. Luckily I have chosen a great venue with a caterer that will tend to my needs, as well as any other allergies my guests have. So far it's been a really great experience! You can check out my handmade save the dates at my "sister blog" here...

Well, until my next post I hope all who read this have a wonderful day!